Dr Gareth Barker

Dr Gareth Barker, NED

Dr Gareth Barker, Non-Executive Director

Dr Gareth Barker is Vice President of Human Nutrition and Health for DSM Nutritional Products Europe AG, the global science-based nutrition company, within Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Prior to this he has worked in a number of roles for DSM including Global Head of Marketing for DSM's Human Nutrition and Health Division and Sales Director in the Asia Pacific region, with responsibilities including launch strategies for Nutraceuticals. Gareth's career has given him extensive experience and understanding of global markets within the health and nutrition sector.

Before joining DSM, Gareth worked for Hoffmann-la-Roche who he joined after working in consultancy advising clients in the Food & Pharmaceutical industries. Gareth has an MBA from Manchester Business School, a PhD from Oxford University, and is proficient in French, Spanish, and German.