Stephen O'Hara

Stephen O'Hara, CEO/Founder

Stephen Patrick O'Hara, CEO/Founder

Stephen O'Hara spent 20 years working for the National Health Service (NHS) where he was responsible for delivering microbiology services to a large university teaching hospital.

Stephen left the NHS in 2000 to set up an internet auction house, and Acolyte Biomedica Limited (Acolyte), which developed rapid diagnostics for healthcare acquired infections such as MRSA. Acolyte was sold to 3M in 2007 where Stephen became Director of Microbiology. Stephen left 3M in 2009 to become a Director at Taunton and Somerset Foundation Trust. In 2011, he founded Intelligent Biotech Limited as a vehicle to identify technologies and market opportunities in healthcare, which has enabled him to identify the emerging potential of the human microbiome and set up OptiBiotix.

During over 30 years in microbiology and healthcare, Stephen has authored over 40 articles, including chapters in several books, and is the inventor on a number of patents. He has at various times been editorial referee for the Journal of Medical Pathology and Journal of Clinical Microbiology.