Developing a range of products to modify the human
microbiome and bring specific health benefits

Technology Platform : OptiBiotic®

OptiBiotic® is a high thoughput screening platform which generates sugars and screens them for their physical properties (sweetness) and their ability to modulate specific microbial genera or species and their microbial end products (short chain fatty acids like propionate, butyrate etc).

This is a new product concept that allows the creation of targeted microbiome modulators which increase the growth, biological activity, and health benefit of individual genera or species in the human microbiome.

This creates the potential for:-



Designer sugars (prebiotics) for a specific microbial target associated with a health benefit


Combining microbiome modulators with existing probiotics to enhanc e their health benefit


SweetBiotix® - sweet natural healthy sugars not digested in the human gut and hence calorie free

This concept has been demonstrated in multiple microbial species to date and will be of interest to manufacturers and suppliers of probiotics, a market predicted to be worth $46.5bn by 2020. Further development is taking place applying the concept to bacteria genera and species which generate metabolites such as short chain fatty acids like propionate, butyrate, acetate which may have benefits in the prevention and management of obesity, diabetes, and some cancers.

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