Developing a range of products to modify the human
microbiome and bring specific health benefits

Technology Platform : SkinBiotix®

Skinbiotix® is a technology of SkinBiotherapeutics plc in which OptiBiotix currently has a 42% shareholding. See www.skinbiotherapeutics.com for more details.

SkinBiotix ® has extensive in vitro and ex vivo human skin data (using skin from surgery) which demonstrates the following :-

  1. Enhanced tight junction function - improving skin firmness and giving a younger look and feel
  2. The active removal of skin pathogens, particularly Staph.aureus, and the prevention of these pathogens reattaching - creating potential to reduce Antimicrobila resistant Health Care Acquired Infections (Superbugs)
  3. The proliferation and migration of young skin cells called  keratinocyes allowing re-epithelisation of damaged skin improving wound healing rates

This translation of this technology is expected to create new product opportunities in multi-billion dollar global markets including:-

  • Skincare ($121bn)
  • Health Care Acquired Infections ($82bn)
  • Eczema ($3.8bn)
  • Psoriasis ($7.4bn)
  • Wound care ($18.3bn)

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