21st September 2022|News

OptiBiotix launches GoFigure® weight management range in India with Apollo Hospitals

Global life sciences company, OptiBiotix Health plc (‘OptiBiotix’) and its subsidiary OptiBiotix Ltd, has announced it has launched its multi-award-winning weight management range of GoFigure® consumer products together with Apollo Hospitals & Pharmacies (‘Apollo’) in India. 

The global weight management market is worth $81.57bn and is growing at 7.8% per year1, while in India, market growth has been estimated at 11.03%2. With obesity rates rising in the country and many experts calling the recent surge ‘catastrophic’3, there is a growing demand in the market for products that focus on managing weight sustainably.   

The GoFigure range of meal replacement shakes, shots and bars, features the award-winning prebiotic and dietary fibre blend SlimBiome®. Having demonstrated its efficacy in several human intervention studies and supported by several health claims (EFSA, Canada Health and FSANZ), the scientifically backed ingredient has been shown to promote feeling fuller for longer, to curb food cravings in between meals, and to alter the gut microbiome, promoting leanness4.   

“According to estimates in 2019, 77 million people were classed as diabetic in India. If no action is taken, these rates are expected to rise to over 134 million by 20455,” commented René Kamminga, CEO of OptiBiotix Ltd. “It is pivotal that the life sciences industry takes immediate action to help consumers to make the right choices for their health and wellbeing. OptiBiotix, together with Apollo, are determined to tackle the obesity crisis head-on with science-backed solutions that focus on modulating the microbiome.” 

“The release of GoFigure with Apollo is momentous for OptiBiotix as it launches in the Group’s top pharmacy stores across the country, giving consumers easier access to weight management products that have been uniquely tailored to their needs and give a sustainable result. By incorporating our multi-award-winning SlimBiome, GoFigure supports those on a calorie-restricted diet, promoting a feeling of fullness and reducing their hunger cravings, so they no longer have to rely on willpower alone.” 

The launch of the weight management range, which will initially feature meal replacement shakes and powdered beverage shots that can be taken before a meal, will be available in the top stores across India and its 24/7 online customer website. The range will be further expanded to include additional flavours and new product application formats, such as nutrition bars.  

Apollo is India’s first and largest branded pharmacy network, specialising in various medicines, OTC and FMCG products across its 5,000 stores. Several of its care units have been among the first in the country to receive International Healthcare accreditation by the Joint Commission International.  

“While there is no silver bullet to weight loss, solutions like GoFigure that have been clinically proven to support consumers with a safe, effective and sustainable means of managing their weight is a major step in the right direction. By working with Apollo, we can make a contribution to the fight against obesity in India,” concluded Kamminga.  

GoFigure is available to on- and offline retailers and pharmacies worldwide as a branded or private label solution. SlimBiome is gaining momentum as an ingredient to consumer brands in health and wellness, weight management and sports nutrition. 

For more information on OptiBiotix or GoFigure, please visit the new global website at http://gofigurediet.com/ 

To find the GoFigure range via Apollo, visit: https://www.apollopharmacy.in/ 


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