14th October|News

OptiBiotix Announces OptiBiome® To Launch In Australia & New Zealand Under Optislim™ Brand

Pioneering life sciences company, OptiBiotix Health PLC (‘OptiBiotix’) has revealed its science-backed weight management ingredient OptiBiome® will be incorporated into the Optislim range of premium Meal Replacement shakes and bars.

Known as the leading Australian Made weight management consumer brand, Optislim is the flagship product from leading health and beauty firm OptiPharm Pty Ltd (‘OptiPharm’) and is available in a variety of applications, including soups, shakes, bars and meals.

Australian consumers will be able to purchase Optislim shakes and bars, featuring OptiBiome, from 26th October at the Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths and OptiPharm’s online store.

Dr. Frederic Narbel, Managing Director of the Prebiotic Division at OptiBiotix said: “Following the announcement of our licensing agreements with OptiPharm earlier this year, the move to incorporate our proprietary weight management ingredient, OptiBiome, into the Optislim brand is not only a solid commercial step but an incredibly exciting one too. By working closely with OptiPharm and its team of experts, we’ve created an exceptional, scientifically supported product that enables consumers to manage their weight in the most effective and natural way.

“The award-winning ingredient, which is backed by several EFSA and FSANZ claims, contains a blend of non-digestible prebiotics, dietary fibres and a trace mineral to help consumers curb unhealthy snacking by promoting the feeling of a longer-lasting fullness. In addition, OptiBiome stimulates the growth of health positive bacteria and maintains blood glucose levels, regulating the insulin response and delivering improved gut health.”

Having demonstrated its efficacy in several scientific studies, OptiBiome was found to reduce cravings for savoury and sweet foods, resulting in significant weight loss and a reduction in waist circumference, when taken as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Garry McDonald, Managing Director at OptiPharm, commented: “According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (‘AIHW’), one in three Australian adults was obese in 2017-18, an increase from one in five in 1995. Given the worrying rise in obesity and overweight adults, OptiBiome was the clear choice for inclusion in our flagship brand, Optislim. By combining OptiBiotix’s scientifically formulated ingredient into the new Optislim OptiBiome range, we are enabling consumers to both lose weight naturally – without relying on willpower – and benefit from improved gut health. In essence, we are revolutionising Meal Replacements.”

For more information on OptiBiome from OptiBiotix, please visit: https://www.optibiotix.com/. Alternatively, to view the range of Optislim applications, please visit: https://www.optislim.com.au/collections/optislim.

® OptiBiome is a registered trademark of OptiBiotix Health

™ Optislim is a trademark of OptiPharm Pty Ltd