Leading life sciences company, OptiBiotix Health Plc., announces the US launch of a product containing its microbiome-modulating LPLDL® ingredient with microbiome company, Seed Health (Seed).

This follows a non-exclusive production, commercialisation and marketing deal with Seed to deliver LPLDL® containing solutions to the US market, including the company’s flagship formulation, Daily Synbiotic™. Seed is bridging microbiome science and consumer health to bring much-needed precision, efficacy and education to the $38 billion global probiotics industry.

Stephen O’Hara, OptiBiotix CEO, said “We are pleased to share our revolutionary LPLDL® ingredient with Seed and to play such a central role in its launch. With a clinically proven capacity to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, Seed’s Daily Synbiotic formulation highlights the sector’s enormous potential for addressing a range of conditions.

“Combining OptiBiotix’s expertise in microbiome modulation with Seed’s vision to bridge microbiome science and consumer health, Daily Synbiotic™ represents the future of science-backed consumer probiotics.”

Expanding LPLDL®’s application portfolio, the formulations created by Seed will target cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, immune and metabolic health. Available in variants tailored towards female and male wellbeing, Daily Synbiotic™ is already receiving strong consumer and media interest, including editorial coverage in Vogue and support from high-profile celebrities such as Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel.

LPLDL® is a probiotic product which uses a naturally occurring bacterial strain, Lactobacillus plantarum, to aid elements of cardiovascular and physiological performance. Transforming the way physical health is approached, it leverages the microbiome-liver axis to modify an individual’s current bacterial community, addressing blood pressure and cholesterol issues in a holistic, scientifically founded manner.

Seed is a multidisciplinary probiotics company dedicated to sharing the benefits of human microbiome modulation. With a firm commitment to clinical rigor and sustainability, it develops health products which promote bacterial diversity and affect a range of physical outcomes.