18th March|Investor Media, News

OptiBiotix launches contemporary new SlimBiome® website to support customers in the Philippines

OptiBiotix launches contemporary new SlimBiome® website to support customers in the Philippines

Leading life sciences company OptiBiotix Health PLC (‘OptiBiotix’), which develops compounds to tackle obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, has announced the launch of a new website dedicated to supporting the growth and brand awareness for SlimBiome® across the Philippines, in collaboration with distribution partner CTC Group.

Launching today, the SlimBiome.ph website is part of a turnkey solution to help promote SlimBiome directly to customers in the Philippines. The website details comprehensive information on how SlimBiome provides a science-backed approach to weight management and how it supports a healthy gut and microbiome. Alongside a wealth of information, there is also a short video on the EFSA-approved product’s benefits, as well as the importance of functional foods in our diet.

Containing a blend of non-digestible prebiotics, dietary fibres and a trace mineral, SlimBiome promotes the feeling of a longer-lasting fullness with its tri-mechanism approach. Backed by strong scientific principles, the weight management ingredient gently expands in the stomach and delays gastric emptying. In addition, it stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria and enhances the body’s use of insulin, further supporting the effective metabolic breakdown of carbohydrates and fats.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including snack bars, dairy products and shakes and meal replacements, SlimBiome is an award-winning ingredient that’s scientifically proven to help manage weight.

Dr. Frederic Narbel, Managing Director of the Prebiotics division at OptiBiotix, said: “The launch of SlimBiome.ph is an important step in supporting our partners in the Philippines. With a modern and clean design, it’s an excellent platform for partners to showcase the benefits SlimBiome brings to their customers.

“Following the website’s initial launch in the Philippines, we’ll soon be adopting similar approaches with our partners around the world as demand for SlimBiome continues to accelerate. The next phase is to support other partners with dedicated websites that allow OptIBiotix to think globally and act locally, further supporting our partners’ marketing endeavors.”

SlimBiome.ph was created in conjunction with CTC Group, an OptiBiotix partner and distributor of SlimBiome to the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Guatemala, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. Having worked together since 2018, the two companies work hand in hand to meet the demands of the Asian weight management and health sectors.

To visit the new website, please navigate to slimbiome.ph.