2nd October|Commercial Media


OptiBiotix Health Plc. (OptiBiotix), the leading life sciences company focused on harnessing the power of human microbiome modulation to improve health and wellbeing, has announced the launch of a 100% owned subsidiary, ProBiotix Health Limited (ProBiotix).

ProBiotix has been formed as a result of the rapid scientific and commercial development of the probiotics division of OptiBiotix, making it the natural next step to launch a separate company specialising solely in probiotics.

During the last 18 months the division, which commercialises its cholesterol and blood pressure reducing strain, LPLDL®, has reached commercial maturity, completing 15 of OptiBiotix’s 24 recent commercial agreements.

Adam Reynolds has been appointed Non-Executive Chairman of the ProBiotix Board with Stephen O’Hara and Per Rehné, as board directors. Adam brings a wealth of experience in equity markets, increasing shareholder value and leadership. Stephen O’Hara brings 30 years of development and a track record of building shareholder value.

Per Rehné, OptiBiotix’s commercial director, will lead the new company and will work with the board to build a team with the necessary commercial focus and biopharmaceutical expertise to fully exploit the many opportunities presenting in this space.

Mr. Rehné said: “The formation of ProBiotix Health follows OptiBiotix’s strategy of bringing its divisions to maturity, through scientific development, to create self-sustaining commercial entities with the potential for an exit or public listing.

“By focusing resources and industry specific expertise on the commercialisation of probiotic products developed using OptiBiotix’s OptiScreen® technology the board are looking to accelerate commercial development to rapidly grow revenues and shareholder value.”

The formation of a separate company with domain specific expertise allows ProBiotix to further develop the application opportunities beyond its current scope and deliver next-generation microbiome solutions for a wide range of health conditions.