6th September|Blogs


OptiBiotix Health Plc., a leading life sciences business focused on harnessing the power of the human microbiome, has celebrated a successful first year with its online store, OptiBiotix.Online, delivering a wide range of its revolutionary health products directly to consumers.

OptiBiotix launched the site in September 2018, enabling customers to purchase its groundbreaking science-backed prebiotic and probiotic-based products, which utilise the power of the gut microbiome to tackle obesity, high cholesterol and diabetes. First-year sales  have showcased a positive reception and demand for science-backed products that support improved health & wellbeing.

Steven Riley, Head of Online Sales and Marketing at OptiBiotix, said: “We set up OptiBiotix.Online to deliver science-led, health and wellness products directly to consumers as well as demonstrate how our ingredients can be used in various applications. This past year, we have seen some fantastic firsthand success stories of individuals lowering their weight sustainably and cholesterol levels significantly improved.”

“Our revolutionary products are backed by years of scientific research, helping customers to pro-actively manage their wellbeing with products they can trust. In the past year alone, we have launched two pioneering health products for cholesterol and weight management and look forward to raising the awareness of the products further through OptiBiotix.Online, as well as introducing new additions to the portfolio.”

Weight management solution, SlimBiome® Medical was launched on OptiBiotix.Online in April 2019. It is a revolutionary product transforming the way weight loss is traditionally approached delivering a sustainable, science-backed weight control system to offer dieters additional support to sustain weight loss.

Cholesterol management supplement range, CholBiome®, launched in September 2018, supports the reduction and maintenance of healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. CholBiome®X3 combines three synergistic mechanisms – the company’s patented LPLDL® strain, Vitamin B3 and red yeast rice rich in Monacolin K, to naturally reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. LPLDL® has been proven to lower total cholesterol levels by 36.7% in human studies and offers a natural, scientifically founded alternative with no known side effects.

GoFigure®, the first product range to contain the company’s patented, award-winning ingredient for weight management, SlimBiome®, is also available to purchase on the online store. The GoFigure range of shakes, snack bars and muesli pots offer a healthy, hunger-free weight management range that provides a scientific approach to weight management without relying on willpower.

The store can be visited at optibiotix.online. To celebrate the anniversary, OptiBiotix is offering 10% off its products with code: 1YEAR10 until Wednesday 11th September.