26th March|Commercial Media

OptiBiotix studies reveal promising link between gut microbiome and good health

Leading life sciences business, OptiBiotix, has demonstrated the potential impact the gut microbiome can have on overall health and wellbeing after completing two human studies on its science-backed, health and well-being focused products, SweetBiotix® and SlimBiome®.

The studies, carried out by leading scientists in the microbiome field, investigated the effect of SweetBiotix, clean flavour sweet dietary prebiotic fibres, on the gut microbiome and explored the impact of SlimBiome, a patented weight management ingredient, on weight loss, satiety, satiation, mood and gut microbiome make-up.

Stephen O’Hara, OptiBiotix CEO, said: “These studies represent significant progress in addressing increasing public health concerns through the modulation of the microbiome. We’re incredibly pleased with the results which prove the value of SweetBiotix and SlimBiome in an industry looking for scientifically proven products to improve health and wellbeing.

The SweetBiotix study, which involved the investigation of healthy sweet prebiotic fibres to modulate microbiome make-up and activity in five healthy adults showed that significant increases in important short-chain fatty acids acetate and propionate concentrations were observed after five hours. This demonstrates the fibres potential to have a positive impact on the gut microbiome. Short-chain fatty acids, which are produced by friendly bacteria in the gut, play an important role in colon health and are involved in the metabolism of important nutrients.

The SlimBiome study investigated the functional ingredient’s effect on weight loss and other significant related factors on 12 otherwise healthy, overweight and obese females through the GoFigure® diet plan. After four weeks a significant reduction was observed in weight, BMI, fat mass, hip circumference, percentage body fat, fat mass and systolic blood pressure. Not only that, but cravings for savoury foods were substantially reduced, accompanied by a significant improvement in mood.

The studies were recently displayed at a special poster element of the event Probiota, the ‘Probiota 2019 Scientific Frontiers session’ where OptiBiotix demonstrated its progressive research.

SweetBiotix are patented, natural, low calorie alternatives to sugar. Made from natural prebiotic fibres, SweetBiotix are calorie free with a clean flavour profile. SweetBiotix have the potential to address public health concerns over the impact of sugar on obesity, with the prospect of replacing ‘unhealthy’ sugars in existing products with low calorie, healthy non-digestible fibres.
SlimBiome is a healthy weight management solution backed by strong scientific principles. The product promotes a feeling of fullness, supports reduced calorie intake and encourages a healthy metabolism while maintaining blood sugar levels to prevent overeating. It has been shown to reduce calorie intake by up to 20 per cent and lessen food cravings. It has recently received medical device status and a CE mark which enables OptiBiotix to make medicinal or medical claims about SlimBiome where supported by clinical studies, extending the application of the award-winning ingredient from food products in to high-value medical products.