9th May 2023|News

OptiBiotix to launch new WellBiome® solution for wellbeing and healthy ageing consumer market at Vitafoods Europe 2023

OptiBiotix Health Plc (‘OptiBiotix’), a scientific pioneer in microbiome modulating solutions, has announced the launch of its new WellBiome® solution for the wellbeing and healthy ageing market.

The direct-to-consumer pack WellBiome® will launch on the OptiBiotix.online store to coincide with the company’s visit to Vitafoods Europe, taking place this month in Geneva, Switzerland.

As a patented, mineral-enriched prebiotic multi-fibre complex, WellBiome® promotes gut microbiome diversity and gut barrier integrity by enriching the health positive bacteria in the gut. Research studies suggest that consuming a combination of different fibres like of those within WellBiome® can increase microbiome diversity more than a single fibre product. The consumer pack contains 30 flavourless sachets, so that it can be added to any food or beverage ingredient, which is easily added to a daily routine, and features just 11 calories per serving.

“With a third of global consumers seeking out functional foods that support the immune system, promote gut health and stimulate cognitive performance to achieve their health and wellbeing goals1, there is a growing need for food brands to meet those demands,” commented Stephen O’Hara, CEO of OptiBiotix. “It’s been widely reported that the pandemic influenced this change, where roughly one in two consumers – regardless of age group and income level – consciously chose healthier foods or changed the way they ate following Covid2.

“For consumers who want to follow a healthier diet and mitigate the risk factors associated with lifestyle impacts on ageing, WellBiome® is an ideal choice. The solution, which has been developed by OptiBiotix in conjunction with UK universities and key opinion leaders on the microbiome, can be added to beverages such as water, juice, smoothies, shakes or tea, and to foods like soups, sauces, cereals or porridge.”

The consumer pack follows the successful launch of WellBiome® as a reformulated ingredient at SupplySide West last year. Containing EFSA-approved ingredients that have been extensively studied, WellBiome® can claim to support heart, cognitive, bone and gut health, alongside promoting energy levels. These include claims such as the ability to contribute to normal muscle function including the heart muscle3, maintenance of normal bones4, and normal energy-yielding metabolism5.

O’Hara continued: “WellBiome® has been formulated with wellbeing and healthy ageing front of mind. We know that the gut microbiome is at the core of our health and wellbeing, and it can be easily disrupted by everyday lifestyle factors – such as diet, stress and more. With WellBiome®, consumers are consciously choosing to optimise their overall wellness with a unique formulation that boosts health positive bacteria.”

OptiBiotix is set to extend the WellBiome® product line to target and address specific health categories, which are impacted by ageing including cognitive health, bone health and immune health. WellBiome® is now available to purchase from the OptiBiotix.online store. To find out more about the mineral-enriched prebiotic fibre blend, the OptiBiotix team can be found at Vitafoods Europe from the 9th – 11th May.

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