Over The Counter Podcast: Prescription Slimming Drugs And Their OTC Alternatives

Citeline · Prescription Slimming Drugs And Their OTC Alternatives, With OptiBiotix’s Stephen O’Hara

CEO Stephen O’Hara guest stars on podcast series ‘Over The Counter’ with David Ridley. They explore recent consumer interest in prescription weight loss drugs such as Novo Nordisk’s Wegovy. As CEO of microbiome specialist OptiBiotix Health, O’Hara points to over-the-counter alternatives like prebiotic food supplements and medical devices, which may offer similar hunger-reducing benefits without the side effects associated with these drugs. By successfully negotiating health claim regulations, as well as investing in new markets and in new delivery formats like gummies, companies like Optibiotix are looking to take advantage of this new interest in slimming solutions, he explains.