What are SweetBiotix®?

SweetBiotix® are patented, natural, low calorie alternatives to sugar.

Made from natural prebiotic fibres SweetBiotix® are calorie free with a clean flavour profile. Products under development include both intense prebiotic sweeteners and bulk sugar substitutes, suitable for wide range of sugar replacement applications in food and beverages.

An innovative dietary fibre concept, SweetBiotix® have the potential to address public health concerns over the impact of sugar on obesity, with the prospect of replacing ‘unhealthy’ sugars in existing products with low calorie, healthy non-digestible fibres.

How sweet is SweetBiotix®?

The Flavour and Sensory Science Centre at the University of Reading carried out a recent study. Six SweetBiotix® customised oligosaccharides developed from high intensity sweeteners were compared to sucrose. The study used a trained expert panel of ten experienced panellists and demonstrated:

  • The customised oligosaccharides showed sweetness of between 140X and 223X that of sucrose at equivalent concentrations
  • Customised oligosaccharides derived from Stevia showed a large reduction in bitterness whilst not affecting its sweetness

The global sweetener market, currently dominated by sugar, is forecast to reach $112bn by 2022 (Mordor Intelligence, 2017).


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