27th September 2021|Blogs

SlimBiome® – your weight management solution through Autumn & Winter

There is one summer goal that most consumers share, and that is not to fall into the dreaded winter weight-gain trap. It is well known that seasonal changes affect human health and wellbeing. As humans, we experience lower moods in winter, and if you stay in an area subject to very inclement weather, it can result in a normal and triggered response to craving foods that are rich in carbohydrates, starch, and sugar.1 Research conducted at the University of Texas in Houston indicate that those of us who live in countries with colder autumns and winters, can ingest 6 to 7% more calories than those who live in warmer climates.

On the upside, when we consume these calorie-dense, comforting foods that are rich in energy, we release glucose into the body, which in turn fuels cognitive brain function.3 The problem lies in overeating, which could result in a sugar rush and subsequent crash. In food, as in everything else, balance is the key.

While the human body has evolved and adapted naturally over millennia to different seasons and food availability, we must stay cognisant of the need to continually increase our microbial diversity to maintain a healthy and balanced gut microbiome. This optimal state is critical in managing a healthy weight. Many modern and physical environmental factors play a part in altering our microbiome composition, including seasonal differences, working in climate-controlled buildings, staying indoors for longer during the winter and eating a staple diet all year round, with little variation.4

Ideally, good gut bacteria should be built up throughout the year to ensure bioavailability during the colder seasons.

SlimBiome® – the smart way to lose weight

Incorporating functional ingredients into food and beverage formulations can offer enhanced weight loss results. SlimBiome® – our award-winning functional ingredient – promotes a feeling of fullness, helps burn calories by promoting a healthy metabolism and maintains blood sugar levels to prevent overeating. It has been proven that by ingesting SlimBiome®, consumers can reduce calorie intake by up to 20%. It also lowers food cravings and stimulates the growth of health positive bacteria in the digestive tract to regulate the appetite, while trace mineral content enhances the body’s use of insulin to metabolise carbohydrates and fat.

For manufacturers, SlimBiome® is a low cost, heat-stable ingredient without any distinguishable taste and can easily be added during the manufacture of finished products such as snacks bars, meal replacement shakes, dairy, and bakery products alongside many more. So, not only is SlimBiome® a smart approach to weight loss for consumers, it is also flexible in its formulation.

Go all the way with GoFigure

SlimBiome® is also the target ingredient in our consumer weight loss range, GoFigure. The brand was a recent finalist in the FDF Awards, which recognizes and rewards excellence for innovation, competitiveness and talent in the food and beverage industry. The judging panel found that the range is the perfect answer to hunger-free, yet calorie-restricted dieting, with products full to the brim with healthy, natural ingredients, designed to be consumed at home or on the go.

Our experts have worked day and night formulating the perfect products, and not only are they nutritionally fantastic, but you will also not see any artificial colours, only taste natural flavours, and appreciate the absence of added sugars.

SlimBiome® works by stimulating the growth of healthy positive bacteria in the digestive tract to affect hunger levels. The blend of prebiotics and dietary fibres also helps to create a longer-lasting feeling of fullness, thus helping consumers say goodbye to hunger cravings.

Our portfolio of innovative ingredients and finished products meets the demand from consumers for sustainable, healthy and stress-free slimming methods by replacing harsh self-discipline as the key to weight loss with tasty, science-backed applications. Contact our team today for more information on how you can incorporate SlimBiome® into your weight management range.


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