16th May 2022|Blogs

Tackling the ‘silent killer’ on World Hypertension Day

Globally, awareness of hypertension is alarmingly low. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organisation (WHO), around one in three US adults and 46% of adults globally with high blood pressure aren’t even aware they have the condition. Due to this lack of awareness, hypertension is a major cause of premature death worldwide – and is the reason why many in the healthcare industry have coined it the ‘silent killer’.  

On this World Hypertension Day, taking place May 17th this year, the ProBiotix Health team is seeking to highlight the urgent need to raise awareness of this condition and how we, in the life sciences industry, can help consumers understand how to spot the condition, the various treatment methods available, alongside current research and investigations.  

Understanding hypertension 

As a condition that often has no warning signs or symptoms, hypertension can be difficult to diagnose. The WHO recognises that some adults may suffer from headaches, nosebleeds, vision changes and a buzzing in the ears1, but as these symptoms can also be part of a myriad of other health conditions, understanding whether you have hypertension is difficult to discern.  

For adults, blood pressure that’s measured via an assessment from a healthcare practitioner is one of the most accurate approaches to discovering whether you have the condition. Those over 40 and living in the UK can currently get a free ‘health check’ via the NHS every five years. In the US, it is recommended over-40s get their blood pressure checked at least once a year, and 18 to 39-year-olds every three to five years.  

The latest guidelines 

In August 2021, the WHO updated its guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of hypertension in adults. According to an article published in The Lancet, this concerned the blood pressure threshold for initiation of treatment, laboratory testing, how and when to use cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment in relation to antihypertensive drugs, specific combinations of antihypertensive drug therapy and recommendations on the target blood pressure for those with the condition. Therefore, revised target blood pressure recommendations are:  

  • Blood pressure goal of <140/90 mmHg in all patients with hypertension without comorbidities 
  • Systolic blood pressure goal of <130 mmHg in patients with hypertension and known CVD 
  • Systolic blood pressure goal of <130 mmHg in high-risk patients with hypertension (those with high CVD risk, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease) 

Current treatments available 

Aside from lifestyle modifications such as reducing alcohol consumption, avoiding tobacco and improving your dietary needs by eating more fruit and vegetables and limiting foods high in saturated fats, management of hypertension is often through antihypertensive drug treatments. These include diuretics, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers and calcium channel blockers2.  

There are also more natural forms of treatment available too. For nutraceutical brands and pharmaceutical developers looking for a much more natural approach to managing hypertension, our food supplement CholBiome®BP can help.  

As a vegan, GMO-free supplement, CholBiomeBP combines four science-backed natural ingredients and provides a multi-targeted mechanism approach for aiding hypertension and improving the cardiovascular health of consumers. This includes our patented, naturally occurring probiotic strain, Lactobacillus plantarum – LPLDL®, which has been clinically proven to regulate the metabolism of bile acids from the liver to reduce cholesterol3. Alongside three other ingredients: Thiamine (Vitamin B1), the amino acid L-Arginine and the micronutrient CoEnzyme Q10.  

Combining these four ingredients together is not normally possible. However, by using tri-layer technology to co-ordinate the timing each ingredient is released into the body, it allows the ingredients to work optimally and help manage high blood pressure. 

Proven efficacy 

Brands and product manufacturers can trust in CholBiomeBP’s efficacy with the results of our latest study. In a 12-week independent study carried out by the University of Pavia, our food supplement was shown to lower systolic blood pressure by 3% and decrease diastolic blood pressure by 3.4%. So, by consuming just one tablet of CholBiomeBP daily, volunteers demonstrated that the food supplement can improve multiple CVD risk biomarkers and help manage known hypertension.  

While there are many treatments available for managing hypertension, it is our duty to ensure that consumers understand and are aware of this disease. Each year, ProBiotix Health will continue to support World Hypertension Day to help prevent unnecessary deaths through CVD.  

To find out how CholBiomeBP can be added to your range of food supplements, contact us here.  


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