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Top Heart Health & Wellness Trends for 2021

Health and wellness have been a major focus for consumers over the past year – and for good reason. With the ongoing pandemic, increasing loneliness and mental health exhaustion, consumers are acutely aware that their personal health and wellbeing is a top priority. Between employers being open to flexible working to academic institutions moving into full-time virtual learning, consumers are taking what we learned last year and adjusting it to fit around their daily lives. If 2020 was all about a change of routine to survive, then let’s make 2021 the year to discover inner strength, wellness and positivity to thrive with these top trends.

1/ Unlocking the path to inner strength

A top trend for 2021, consumers who are ‘unlocking their inner strength’ are paving the way to a much more positive and healthier outlook. It’s a trend with multiple layers – both emotional and physical – and carries a multi-faceted meaning too. In one sense, it means to put one’s self first, rest and focus on doing the right thing. On another level, it’s about establishing a meaningful connection with the microbiome, strengthening gut health, immunity and more.

With so many moments in life simply out of their control right now, consumers are leading the charge with their physical and mental wellbeing. They now seek scientifically-backed solutions that are able to deliver results, including functional foods and supplements. At OptiBiotix, we’ve embraced mindful consumers by developing WellBiome®, a functional fibre and mineral blend that supports digestive, metabolic and heart health. New research has even suggested that consumers are interested in overall wellness, versus selecting a product that will address a specific issue, meaning there’s wide-ranging potential for brands to make their mark in this space.

2/ Mindful eating

As mindful consumers become a bigger focus in 2021, it also brings to the fore the need for mindful or ‘intuitive’ eating. This means consumers are moving away from yo-yo dieting trends and replacing these with much more sustainable and healthier lifestyles. Yet mindful eating isn’t just about what and how much we eat, consumers are now taking into consideration the impact their food choices have on the planet. With the arrival of Veganuary, more are switching to sustainably sourced and healthy plant-based proteins and meat alternatives. The Flexitarian market is also experiencing a surge, with a UK survey reporting that 30% of Britons identify themselves as such.

Plant-based protein is also good for the heart too. New research published by the BMJ suggests that plant-based protein is specifically associated with reduced risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and stroke. If consumers are willing to change their dietary lifestyle earlier in life, it could be a breakthrough in prevention of chronic diseases.

At OptiBiotix, we’ve embraced these trends and enhanced our products to suit. All our ingredients are suitable for vegans and many of our consumer products are gluten-free, non-GMO and lactose-free to account for the dietary lifestyles of today. Perfect for brands that are looking to support mindful consumers from the outside-in.

3/ Wearable heart health trackers

According to the American Heart Association and its national blood pressure guidelines, 116 million U.S adults are in the hypertensive range, with the CDC reporting that 37 million have uncontrolled stage 2 hypertension. Heart health is a major focus for 2021 – and one we must combat together as an industry. Fortunately, consumers recognise that this is a cause for concern too and are keen to monitor their heart health consistently with wearable technology.

CES 2021, the global stage for innovative technology, has opened its digital doors this year and welcomed many industry players to share their latest gadgets. One that’s caught healthcare professionals’ attention in the last few years is the first wearable blood pressure monitor with built-in EKG from OMRON Healthcare. For 2021, the company is now revealing its first remote patient monitoring service.

With wearable monitors predicted to experience an uplift this year, the team at OptiBiotix is also keen to support consumers on their heart health journey. Consumer-based brands, such as CholBiomeBP and CholBiomeX3, help to lower blood pressure, promote heart wellness and reduce LDL and total cholesterol. Featuring our next-generation probiotic LPLDL®, both products offer a natural, scientifically-backed alternative with no known side effects to aid cardiovascular health and wellbeing. This makes LPLDL a superb ingredient choice for brands and retailers looking to expand their heart health product portfolio.

4/ Home Wellness

Last but by no means least is our final trend for 2021: home wellness. With the ongoing pandemic, consumers have been turning their homes into wellness spaces. From adjustable coloured lighting in the bedroom to appeal to the body’s natural circadian rhythm to sleep diffusers and smart beds, there is a clear need right now to separate work from home. Brands and retailers that can adapt their products to suit home wellness will certainly flourish this year.

So, with 2020 firmly behind us and a light at the end of the tunnel, we believe that better science certainly equals better health. A true vision of 2021.

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