3rd February 2022|Commercial Media, News

British Retail Consortium Accreditation backs OptiBiotix health and wellness solutions

OptiBiotix Health Plc (‘OptiBiotix’) is proud to announce that it has achieved the highly regarded British Retail Consortium (‘BRC’) accreditation with an AA rating.  

The certification supports OptiBiotix’ reputation and commitment as a leading developer of a unique range of scientific compounds that modulate the microbiome to address metabolic syndrome and diabetes, systemic low-grade inflammation, obesity, cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol.  

As a leading international food safety standard, BRC was the first trade association to meet the Global Food Safety Initiative (‘GFSI’) benchmark, which means it is accepted by many of the world’s biggest retailers, such as Tesco and Walmart. Membership comprises over 170 major retailers and several niche retail Trade Associations, with members delivering an estimated £180bn of retail sales each year.  

Stephen O’ Hara, CEO of OptiBiotix Health Plc explained: “The certification ensures that our customers can now have complete and measurable confidence in OptiBiotix products. It allows us to do business with retailers, manufacturers, ingredients companies and food service organisations who specify certification as part of their approval process, including most large retailers and their suppliers, for our wide range and science backed products.” 

BRC incorporates food safety management systems and internationally accepted best practice to ensure the safety and quality of products. As the adulteration and fraud of food ingredients are on the increase, it reinforces an end product’s provenance and reduces the risk of recalls. 

René Kamminga, CEO of OptiBiotix Ltd, an OptiBiotix Health Plc subsidiary, commented: “We are incredibly pleased to secure BRC accreditation and achieving the highest rating of AA highlights our commitment to quality to the highest degree. This success supports our commercial strategy of selling final product solutions to partners in the retail channel containing our science-backed pro and prebiotic ingredients. We are particularly proud of our team’s achievement in gaining this accreditation in a relatively short period of time.” 

For more information on what the BRC accreditation means for your business, contact the OptiBiotix team today.